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King-Store is introducing a new domain of online marketplace platforms by harnessing the immeasurable possibilities of blockchain co-joining hands with the non-fungibility to engrave the word “Trust”.

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Problems that Plague the Ecommerce World

Despite the monumental demand, the ecommerce vertical continues to get deterred by
a bundle of flaws pertaining to customer experience.

Seller Credibility/ Product Quality

The absence of a trusted verification technique plummets sellers' credibility, and consequently, the quality of their offerings, a.k.a. Products.

Ineffective Logistics

The depleted supply chain management of existing companies culminates in delayed deliveries, abandonments, and abrupt cancellations.

Failed Payments

The current repository of errors and glitches result in a greater probability of failed online transactions, wreaking havoc on the customer trust and patronage.

Additional Hidden Costs

What's more vexing than observing a stark difference between the actual cost and the cost flashing just after the checkout process! The draconian hidden fees worsen the shopping experience.

Misleading Website Policies

Customers are deliberately confused about the scope of action in crucial sections such as product descriptions, availability, seller return policy, and much more.

About Us

K-Chain Tech Inc., a US corporation registered in Nevada state. The office is located in 6671 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Building D, Suite# 210, Las Vegas, NV 89119, and also has a branch office in Los Angeles, California.

K-Store NFT Marketplace proposes to engrave authenticity and identity along with an introduction to the blockchain for Small and Medium Business (SMB) sectors of Asia under the K-CHAIN Tech. Inc. umbrella. King Store NFT market platform will be a beacon of integrity for the consumers as well as a benchmark for K-Chain resolution history.

Problems with the Current NFTs

Despite the increasing numbers of online NFT platforms, people are missing the basics a market provides.

Under-qualified for Participation

A lot of NFT marketplaces impose unnecessary regulations like documents for KYC, High platform fee for listing followed by minting and sales. These rules demotivate a potential customer and instill doubt in doing business.

Denied Access

There are almost close to non, marketplaces that give full access to the features to traders even at premium prices combining the err factor of financial loss in the process.

Mishandled Royalty

Smart contracts for many marketplaces loosely handle the royalty clause ending people in minting the same NFT on different market platforms for an unbiased reward following the loss of NFT scarcity.

Feigned NFT

Most of the marketplaces out there get barraged with fake and pseudo-NFTs resulting in the faded beliefs of customers in search of a genuine asset.

Solution King Store-NFT Provides

We have devised an array of solutions catering to the needs of our principal stakeholders. Currently, we proffer about 35+ additional features to traders. 12 of them are available only for early contributors. Hurry Up Early Bird!.


The uncomplicated and most powerful attribute King Store marketplace will provide is the authentication and ownership of NFT with much simpler participating criteria for sellers KYC (Know Your Customers).

Seller Identity

With the advanced integration of KCT coins as well as wallet, consumers can easily track and identify the integrity and identity of a seller as sellers are required to pay an annual fee using KCT platform currency.

KCT Currency

Exponential rewards are waiting for the customer as well as for sellers as both can earn free coins from promotional events and can exchange the KCT with fiat money from any DEX.

Smart Contracts

King Store’s highly refined and sophisticated smart contracts enable the traders to carry out transparent transactions without any intermediary governing over them.

Solutions and Services We Propose

We have devised an array of solutions catering to the needs of our principal stakeholders. Currently, we proffer about 35+ additional features to traders. 12 of them are available only for early contributors. Hurry Up Early Bird!.

For Consumers

The King Store online shopping platform will be the assortment of a diverse range of products, with a vehement emphasis on eco-friendliness, which are accredited by verifiable certification.

For Asian SMB Members

We intend to shatter the constraints and expand our SMB members' reach on a global scale through services like Product Development, Marketing, OEM Development, etc.

For Cryptocurrency IDO

By enabling the regulation of the KCT coin as the chief currency in online shopping transactions, and an enticing bonus program, issues of liquidity of cryptocurrency are resolved.

Token Distribution & Use of Fund

Being an ERC-20 token, the KCT can be employed to transfer funds and execute payments in a P2P fashion.
Expected to be annexed into the list of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Token Allocation

K-Chain Tech Inc. plans to launch 2.5 million KCT tokens with the base price of US$ 5.0 each to high-profile member investors and public during the private sale phase. Total amount will be US$ 10 million as the soft cap indicated.

Fund Utilization

There are Capital Expenses and Operational Expenses below :

CapEx (total budget of US$ 2M) :

  • A. King-Store e-retail system platform: US$ 0.6M
  • B. Headquarter and oversea branches setup: US$ 1.3M
  • C. Multi-Media Devices: US$ 0.1M

OpEx (total budget of US$ 8M for 3 years) :

  • A. Market Research and Product Development
  • B. Logistic and Distribution Center
  • C. Office and Utilities
  • D. Human Resource
  • E. Subcontractors (Graphic Design and MIS)
  • F. Social Media, PR, events
  • G. Traveling and Miscellaneous

Token Allocation

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  • 47% Core Phase or Crowdsale
  • 22 % Advisory and Partners
  • 15% Project Team Members
  • 13% Bonus and Resurve
  • 3% Bounty and Campaign

Fund Utilization

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  • 35 % For IT Development
  • 25 % Sales and Marketing
  • 18.5 % Accession and Partnerships
  • 10 % Admin and Partners
  • 8.5 % Legal and Financial
  • Bounty Program

K-Chain Roadmap

On-line shopping becomes one of the most popular on-line activities around the world.

Phase 1
July 2021 – Sept 2021


Website design and development using NFT Marketplace Technology information.

Road map and tokenomics.

Documentation of Litepaper and whitepaper.

Listing in exchange platform on August 2021.

Listing in 2nd exchange platform on September 2021.

IDO marketing

Phase 2
October 2021


Token in deployment in the mainnet with an effective burning mechanism

NFT marketplace development.

IDO Listing.

Listing in 3rd and 4th exchange platforms.

Private sale.

Phase 3
Nov 2021- Dec 2021


Community Building with Marketing campaigns.

Governance Token Issuance for the community-governed environment.

Platform deployment.

Public sale

Phase 4
Jan2022 - March 2022


Building relationships NFT creators like artists, musicians, etc

Implementation of fractional NFTs concept.

Implementation of Physical NFTs.

NFT Minting and staking

Upgrading the platform to AR compatible Mobile application.

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Wish to experience the ravishing collection of a legion of eco-friendly products under one roof? Get immersed in our offering instantly by downloading our app from Google Play Store and iOS App Store for absolutely free! KING-STORE empowers a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to tap into the tremendous magnanimity of the global e-retail market.

Our services include online shopping system, training, market research, product development, marketing strategies, overseas distribution, cryptocurrency, and exchange to improve global e-retail efficiency and reduce administrative costs and risk.

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Legal Documents

Take a peek into the legal essentials of our KING-STORE online shopping platform.
Perfect for investors looking for a stable business organization in the long run!.

One papers


Legal Paper

One papers


Marketing Plan



Tokenholders Benefits

Financial Plan

Token Quantity

User Reviews

K-Chain Team Member

Congruence of exceptional people results in the construction of extraordinary solutions,
much like the KING STORE online shopping platform.

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Yuxia Zhang President and Chairman

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Eugene TingChief Operating Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

The list of most commonly encountered questions and their answers that are
designed to shatter the roots of the uncertainty of our investors.

1. What are the short-term and long-term plans for the KCT project?

Short term: raising capital for business operational costs, KCT able to use on e-commerce franchise online store platform.

Long term: able to trade around the world as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

2. Is KCT targeting any particular geographic region, or will it be available throughout the world?

All the world

3. Is the KCT backed by any physical or digital assets? If no, how will KCT grow in value?

Franchise online store fee / 10% profit from every OEM product

4. Can the users employ the KCT to transfer funds and execute payments between one another?


5. Does the KCT wallet support other popular cryptocurrencies?


6. Coin name: KCT or any other?

K-Chain Token

7. Will the KCT be listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges?

P2PB2B and Probit and Bittrex and Beaxy, and Kraken

8x. What are the different platforms through which users can access the KCT network?

KCT Website or e-commerce online store website

9. What are the liquidity options available to holders of the KCT?

on cryptocurrency exchanges or use on e-commerce online store.

10. Will KCT run Bounty and Airdrop programs for better marketing?


11. What kind of tone would you want us to use in Blogs, Forums, and Social Media? Options can range from formal, casual, or a mix of both?

All social media platforms. a mix of both.

12. Apart from investment packages, does the KCT platform offer other products and services?